We love User Acquisition via Influencers


Mobile First

92 percent of consumers trust recommendations of influencers before a purchase. For this reason, our campaigns are conducted exclusively on mobile-optimized platforms.


100% Transparency

Transparency creates trust and motivates to perform very well. Real-time reporting for brands and influencers define the basis of a successful performance-based influencer marketing campaign. Find suitable influencers for great cooperations and increase your sales, brand awareness or App Installs.



Whether sales, awareness or app install campaigns - we use defined KPIs to analyse the behaviour of the audience. With our IROIN engine, we can increase orders or app installations by up to 80 percent in follow-up campaigns.

Brands that trust us

How Influencer Marketing works with IROIN

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1. Influencer outreach

We identify new influencers for each customer project. In A/B tests we work out the most efficient influencer clusters.

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2. Unique content

High quality custom content attuned to the brand is a must. We review the content before the influencer shares the post or story.

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3. Amplified campaign

With the best performing influencers we give your product an additional boost in the specific audience via IROIN Amplified Ads on Facebook and Instagram.


4. Self-optimization

Thanks to our IROIN influencer measurement engine we deliver a permanently user acquisition via influencers and optimize your conversions accordingly.


Brand-safe environment

Even when selecting influencers, we pay attention to a stylish rounded appearance with a committed community that matches the brand message.

The perfect mix of Influencer's own promotion ideas, which are coordinated with the corporate identity of the brand, results in attractive and authentic advertising campaigns. These creatives are the optimal basis for high conversion rates in the addressed target group.

Benefits of IROIN


Top engaged target groups addressable

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High trust level through influencers


Extremely scalable via Amplified Ads (paid media)


Promoting explanatory services

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Creation of special brand creatives

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Low-cost acquisition of new customers

Integrated and compatible tracking platforms


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