Three advantages with IROIN Amplify Advertising

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How IROIN Amplify Advertising works

IROIN Amplify Ads are paid media ads on facebook and instagram. The ads are played out in the name of the influencer in its target group controlled by IROIN. Thanks to our simplified on-boarding process, your influencers are immediately ready to go.

IROIN takes over the development of the influencers creatives and optimizes them regarding to your campaign goals. Of course, we always consider your corporate design. The campaign is controlled by our software, the IROIN Amplify Advertising Engine. IROIN Amplify Advertising achieves optimal conversion rates by dynamically addressing target groups in real time.

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1. Simple & uncomplicated

One-Click registration for influencers


2. High quality creatives

High-quality ads adapted to your corporate design

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3. Real-time control

Optimization by IROIN Amplify Advertising Engine in real-time


More reach thanks to new target groups


Due to the tight time window and the dynamic newsfeed algorithm, an instagram post or instagram story reaches only a small fraction of the community. With IROIN Amplify Ads, up to 100% of the influencer's community is reached.

Thanks to AI-controlled software, the IROIN Amplify Advertising Engine provides an increase in reach. The paid media ads are delivered to similar target groups, so-called "lookalike audience", as well as to completely new target groups.


Extend visibility without scatter loss

Campaigns end after publication by the influencer. Due to the tight time window, an instagram post or instagram story reaches only a small fraction of the community. With IROIN Amplify Ads, creatives are seen unerringly by the whole community. Through controlled targeting of the audience, scattering losses are avoided and conversions are increased.

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Start immediately with our one-click solution

Your influencers will register quickly and easily for IROIN Amplify Ads. Complex coordination with your influencers is now a thing of the past.

You can also use IROIN Amplify Ad as an independent SAAS solution. Get in touch with us.